In recent years, the aerospace industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation, thanks to the power of digital innovation. With advancements in technology, aerospace companies are embracing digital solutions to revolutionize aircraft design, manufacturing, operations, and even passenger experience.

At UAL APJ (Aviation), we strive to understand your business’ pain points, and deliver a tailored digital solution, paving the way for your business to unlock new business opportunities and efficiencies.

Leave the sourcing to us. 

Our Mission: Matchmaking the ideal digital innovation product to your business’ needs.

Our Vision: Empowering industry with next-gen digital solutions, elevating efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Our Specialisations

– Understanding needs at Airline/MROs/Component Shops

– Matchmaking solution providers with Airlines/MROs/Component Shops

  • Digitalisation of documents
  • Drone solutions
  • Software consulting
  • Aircraft structure stress/fatigue analysis
  • Training solutions
  • HR solutions
  • Parts procurement solutions

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